COVID-19 Resources, Tools, & Support

We Have You Covered.

Immediate Resources to Keep Your Business Running Remotely While Future Proofing Your Operation.

In our 70+ years of business as a family owned company, Central’s number one priority has always been the safety & well-being of our employees, our customers, and the surrounding community. Amid COVID-19, we remain committed to supporting the continuity and operational needs of your business in the absolute safest way possible.

To that effect, it is critical that all employees be connected with management teams and fellow co-workers, as well as any and all business applications or resources required for the organization to operate properly. Most importantly, it is extremely necessary to be able to stay connected to your customers in ways you may not have been before.

Due to the demand of customer requests for assistance with remote set-ups and other changes as a result of new workplace requirements, we have developed this page on our website to provide you with the very best resources and tools as you adapt, change and refine your workplace strategies while also future proofing your business.

Remote Workplace Devices

Desktop printers, MFP copiers, scanners, laptops, monitors, and more...All delivered right to your employee’s doorstep, giving them the technology they need without any compromise or inconvenience. Our Technical Support Center provides installation and assistance to resolve issues which most often can be done remotely.

Immediate IT & Security Services

Don’t have the time or resources to reformat your network to securely support remote workers? Get expert advice from Central’s Virtual CIOs to help you navigate and implement the right plan for your unique needs, efficiently and seamlessly. Whether it be VPN set-up, PC/laptop set-up, remote management, cyber security, or Managed IT Services, let Central help you future proof your smart office today.

Click here for more information regarding how we can help secure your business and enable your remote workforce.

Improved Document Management Solutions

In less than 24 hours, Central will have you set-up and ready to be able to securely share business critical documents with your team. Let our experts automate and improve your workflow so that your employees can efficiently access and process all departmental forms and documents from home to keep your operation fully automated. (Ex: Invoices, Contracts, PO’s, HR documents, and more.) Get secure cloud access with unlimited free e-learning.

Collaboration & Video Conferencing Solutions

How do you keep your business operating, drive revenue, and connect with customers in more innovative ways than ever before? You find a better way to meet, collaborate, and share information.

Let Central help you implement innovative technology to improve the way you communicate and get your employees & customers even more engaged. There are conventional cloud based platforms that we can assist you with but why not let us help you stand out from the rest.

Integrate our easy to use audio and video solutions with whatever platform you prefer. Upgrade conference rooms, huddle groups, board rooms and more with our interactive displays.

Don’t forget to ask us about The world’s first Windows Collaboration Display from Sharp, with Skype for Business certification!

Special Assistance Programs

We're here to help you overcome the challenges you face through unique programs designed to ensure the continuity of your business.
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  • 90 Day Payment Free Option
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